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Regal movie theater chain to shutter movie houses

“Shaken but not stirred” is the catchphrase that Ian Fleming’s fictional British Secret Service agent James Bond says, referring to how he likes his martinis.  However, recent news might indeed shake, stir and actually strangle the intrepid super spy. Some 536 Regal movie theaters with

Independent cinema is coming to Santa Clarita

By Moises Barragan It’s a Saturday night, and there is an independent movie you have heard the buzz about for the past few days. You go to check your local massive-chain theater, only to be disappointed that they aren’t screening the indie flick.  Your best

How a COC student earns money taking photos

Surrounded by the smell of burning tires and thick gray smoke, Ivan Ilagan leads a high octane life.

The 22- year- old lives life behind the lens of his Sony A7R2. He’s a freelance automotive photographer, but that hasn’t always been the case.