Hart District students and faculty have been maskless for two weeks. How is it going?

As of March 12, 2022, the students and faculty in the Hart…

California mask mandates to be eased starting June 15

Last month, state health officials announced that June 15 was the target date for California to fully reopen.

As vaccination increases in the SCV, residents have mixed feelings on face coverings

With the COVID-19 vaccination becoming accessible to the general public, masks are becoming unnecessary to some people.

A simple Facebook message has united a group of Santa Clarita residents with kindness sewn into their hearts

While the global pandemic is keeping friends and family apart in distance, a simple Facebook message has created an everlasting bond between two strangers. They have masked out the negativity by sharing their passion and spreading kindness across the nation.

One mask after another: Santa Clarita resident honors her mom while giving back to the community

To anyone else it might just be an outdated sewing machine. But for one Santa Clarita resident, it is how she is honoring her mother and spreading kindness throughout the community.

A labor of love: strangers print, assemble free face masks amid COVID-19 shortages

The Mask Initiative started out in AJ Apone’s garage in Newhall. Now, he has expanded to over 14 3-D printers and was donated a retail space for his project.