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POPS Artisanal Creamery: Scoop! There it is!

POPS Artisanal Creamery was established in 2015 in San Fernando and Van Nuys and will soon have a location in the Santa Clarita Valley with ice cream flavored with organic, farm-fresh ingredients in early July. A local business owner, Marthin Ken, is sprinkling his innovative

Single Mothers Outreach a safe haven in the SCV

Within the city of Santa Clarita, there are many nonprofit organizations, big and small. The Single Mother’s Outreach is one of the many that have stuck to their message and primary goal of saving single mothers across the community. Founded in 1995, SMO, known as

How one local business is adapting to COVID-19

With business being affected during the stay at home order one local shop is having a hard time staying afloat. For a local business owner, Greg Stoddard COVID-19 has altered how his novelty soda pop shop operates.  Unlike the average candy shop, Rocketfizz is known