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College of the Canyons student published in magazine

While some students were able to continue thriving during the pandemic, most others were stuck at home alone and dwelling on their own thoughts.  At noon on May 5, College of the Canyons student Adamari Amezquita received emailed proof that she was both dwelling AND

Zoom burnout it’s not just the students

Victoria Leonard’s students have been silent for exactly five seconds.
The fifth second of stillness is always when her blood pressure starts to rise.The quiet began after she posed a question directed at her class during a lesson over Zoom. At this point, an answer from a student is unlikely.

Shining a light on the American Cancer Society Club

The American Cancer Society Club at College of the Canyons is a club created to spread awareness in the community about cancer and to uplift the lives of those who have been affected by lending a helping hand. In 2017, the club was created to spread