Reopening of LAUSD schools causes students to face unprecedented challenges

After more than a year of learning academic material through a computer screen, students in the Los Angeles Unified School District are finally returning to school in person as of August 2021, much to the relief, or dismay of some parents. 

California mask mandates to be eased starting June 15

Last month, state health officials announced that June 15 was the target date for California to fully reopen.

With COVID-19 restrictions lifting, professional baseball scouts adapt to new way of scouting

MLB sports activities on pause. With this, there were no practices, games or any in-person interaction actively taking place.

As vaccination increases in the SCV, residents have mixed feelings on face coverings

With the COVID-19 vaccination becoming accessible to the general public, masks are becoming unnecessary to some people.

Barbershops and salons affected by new COVID-19 restrictions

Southern California once again has been  filled with new restrictions and guidelines.…