Since Santa Clarita invited the Ventura County Certified Farmers Market (VCCFMA) to
establish a market in Santa Clarita in 1993, locals have been enjoying the freshest
produce California farmers have to offer.

Vendors sell a variety of items such as juices, honey, bread, and even sweet and
savory crepes! Many people who come to this farmers market from regular customers to people who have rarely been to one may not know the people who run these stands.

But, for one vendor this business is all he knows. His family’s story of success started when his grandfather left his country to start a better life.

Isaac Vargas and his family has been doing this for over 25 years, and are the main reason he fell into this business.

“Well, started with my grandpa, he used to work come and work in the fields like a lot of immigrants did back in the day,” Vargas said. “And he would bring my dad with him since he was 18. He would keep coming back, year after year. Eventually, he found the previous owner of the business who then gave him a job as a supervisor. And then from there, he kind of took on with management and like markets and all that.”

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