Time. The most popular currency in use within modern society. No amount of effort will garnish more of this invisible banknote, and its importance only grows as it is lost. This acute sense of time-consciousness has become the subject of Brice James’ creative desire. A Valencia-grown and current LA-based artist whose practice of photography, along with his detailed and expository ceramic work, reveals time as material for meaningful fulfillment. 

Photo by Brice James via @bricejames_ on Instagram

“What is it that we do with this time that we have on Earth? And how do we make it substantial and important?”

 He exemplifies his message with the clay and kiln clocks he creates from his home setup, finishing his creations with colored underglazes topped with clear, satin, velvet, and matte glazes to bring his designs to life. 

James draws inspiration from his grandmother, with whom he shares a close relationship. He is fascinated with her awareness of time and frequently incorporates their story-swapping and conversations into his clock creation. 

Brice James creating at his home setup. Photo by Anthony Saenz

“she grew up in LA, in her 20s, and I love LA. So I kind of get to time travel a little bit and hear about it on a more personal level that feels close to me. So it feels like a part of my history.” 

Brice, who graduated from Otis College of Art and Design with a BFA in 2019, wants to continue making art that inspires conversation, all the while watching how others experience the work he passionately produces. 

“How can it be beneficial? How can it bring people together? And how will it allow people to have a conversation and change things?

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