Gas prices at the 76 Gas Station in Canyon Country on Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2021. Marc Monroy/Canyons News

California reported the state’s highest average gas prices since 2012, with the average today coming to $4.682, according to

Los Angeles County has an average of $4.673.

The gas prices were at $4.705 in October of 2012.

The gas prices in California have been increasing steadily as demand grows around the area. With gas prices rising, many local students and Santa Clarita residents have grown frustrated over the rise in pricing. 

The price of the premium selection passed the $5 mark on gas pump four in Canyon Country on Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2021. Marc Monroy/Canyons News

Brianna Alonzo, a 22-year-old student living in the Santa Clarita Valley said: “The rise in price is stressful, and it makes me feel like I need to monitor how much I drive in a week to not have to drive as often.”

Many people have had to think twice before buying an item that they’ve been waiting to buy for so long, or going to an event that they’ve dreamt of going to.

People such as Kobe Overdevest, 18, a College of the Canyons freshman who loves going to car meets may have to stop going for the time being if prices don’t start to lower. 

“If gas prices keep rising I fear that I’ll have to stop doing the things I love because I won’t be able to deal with the almost 60 or 70 dollar cost every time I need to fill up my car,” said Overdevest.

The overall price to fill up a full gas tank in Canyon Country on Tuesday, Nov. 16, 2021. Marc Monroy/Canyons News

So much as going out on a stroll in your car has become difficult for some.

“Driving around with friends is a cost that is hard to justify,” said Overdevest.

Long commute times are also a big contributor as to why people have to fill up their gas tanks on a regular basis.

Alonzo travels 30 minutes on average, not taking traffic into consideration, to get to her classes; Overdevest travels 20 minutes to get to his work.

Balancing many things can be stressful, especially when trying to balance money and necessities.

“Having that financial change in everything severely impacted me as a student who works a part-time job and needing to commute to school,” stated Alonzo. “It’s having me really stretch what I need to buy along with what I want.”

The California gas average in 2020 was $1.50 lower than it is today, according to

Alonzo has had to cope with the steady increase in prices over the years. “I used to be able to fill up my tank with a solid $25 when I first got my car in 2018, but with the increase lately it reaches $40,” said Alonzo with a heated disbursement of words. 

As the prices will likely continue to rise, many future college students and future adults will have to endure the high prices and financial struggles that many are experiencing today.

“As gas prices continue to rise and I do not foresee it going down anytime soon, I feel bad for the future college kids coming in,” said Alonzo.

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