Competition is everywhere, sports,  politics, and especially in gaming. GlowHouse Gaming, located in the Santa Clarita Valley, hosted a Super Smash Bros Ultimate tournament inviting gamers of all ages to come and experience real competition and have a great time.

Once ran from inside the owners’ home, business has expanded and brought excitement to the Santa Clarita community by hosting a Smash Bros tournament.

GlowHouse Gaming is a small, but growing business that offers fun and competitive gaming along with other features. The participants are from Santa Clarita as well as from out of the local area, including the Antelope Valley.

Marcelle Gordon, co-owner of GlowHouse Gaming, says “We really want people to just give us a try just one shot, and we guarantee you that you’ll come back ”

The gamers that participated have described the event to be enjoyable and that the owners are very caring towards them. The players have stated that they appreciate the amount of effort that went into this event.

Gaming participant Nicolaus Robison exclaims ” The atmosphere is great! It’s easy to talk to people. Like as soon as I walk in, there were people like talking to each other and inviting me to conservations .”

Not only did the gamers compete against one another, but they also established friendships amongst each other as well as with the owners of GlowHouse Gaming.

GlowHouse Gaming invites the people of the community to come and explore what they have to offer!

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