Santa Clarita resident, Tommy Weber, at Westcreek Park. Weber is a 20-year-old who has been a swimmer all his life and uses his time to exercise.

This year is a year full of changes, some more drastic than others, and one of the biggest changes is knowing how and where you can stay in shape. With most gyms closed, many people have to adjust to the new conditions and apply their workout routines elsewhere. From COC student athletes to your neighbor, everyone is getting creative with staying in shape.

Santa Clarita resident Jeff Ryan shared his perspective on how he is working out via social distancing:

“I have a friend who is a trainer, and I’ve put together some basic High Intensity Training materials to train me indoors (kettlebells, resistance bands, yoga mats, TRX, pull up bar, etc) and we have improvised, although HIITT is not my favorite. In recent days I’ve bought a bench press/squat rack, barbell and free weights and multiple sets of dumbbells. Working out at home doesn’t seem to feel the same as a gym for some inexplicable reason.”

Jeff Ryan’s workout gear.

Ryan suggested that if you cannot access equipment, continue to do something, whether it is walking, running, or creating a mini workout routine involving push-ups or planks. 

“Endorphins are powerful aids to happiness and sanity, so continue to do something, even if it isn’t what you’d prefer to be doing,” he added.

Jeff Ryan works out in the gym.

Once gyms begin to fully reopen, the cleanliness of the workout stations will be of high concern, according to Ryan. 

“I think sanitizing protocols will probably be more stringent once gyms are reopened. It’s very difficult to do a cardio workout with a mask, so I’d envision more enforced social distancing as well,” he stated. 

In a similar case College of the Canyons’ men’s head basketball coach Howard Fisher shared the struggles with keeping the student athletes in shape and with teaching them the sport.

The sports teams are not allowed to socially distance for practice or to work out.

“We are not allowed to engage with student athletes in person. We’re not allowed to and we have not been allowed to recruit face to face all spring and summer,” Fisher said. “Not being able to actually be on the court and teach a skill or a play and then be able to give direct feedback. And, you know, evaluate their learning process and how quickly they pick up things related to the offense and defense.”

This separation also hinders their communication and limits a sense of team camaraderie. Despite the fact, they have also been creative with how they interact with one another. 

“We’ve tried to engage with them through various modes: texting, email, chats, Zooms and all sorts of things,” he said. “We’ve had a couple of Kahoot games during those meetings and are looking at it as the semester progresses. So watching game video and evaluating that and trying to utilize that as a teaching tool that hopefully will be able to give some insight into what we’re going to be doing offensively and defensively.”

Fisher also advises for when you are working out at home to pay attention to your body. If something doesn’t feel right, stop. Otherwise, the overall theme here is to continue to do the best that you can do. 

Santa Clarita resident Tommy Weber works out at Westcreek Park. He says when he was still in university he would find sturdy tree branches and set up his gymnastics rings and do his workouts utilizing the nature around him.

From Canyons News: Jackie Cardenas, Colin Ferguson, Luis Felipe Gonzalez, Sarah Hicks, Roland Sprewell.

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