The city hall unveiled a new name for the old Century room on May 2nd, 2022. They dedicated it to previous mayor and long-time City Advocate Carl Boyer. The room was filled with many city-officials and the family and friends of Carl.

A portrait of Carl Boyer when he served as Mayor of Santa Clarita located inside of City Hall. Ryan Rivera/ Canyons News

 Boyer’s Family spoke out and described how Carl was looked upon. Mayor Laurene Weste of Santa Clarita also spoke and shared memories she had with Carl over the past years. 

“This is a room where we bring things together,” said Weste. “Tomorrow night we’ll be here doing the budget with a community and it will always be a special place. I’m assuming this will be at the City Hall for a very long time.” 

There was also artwork donated by the Sister Cities program to decorate the room. It was shown to the guests after the speeches concluded. 

                                                 Mayor Laurene Weste giving a speech in the Carl Boyer Room, at City Hall. Ryan Rivera/ Canyons News

The room is located on the first floor in City Hall in suite 100. This was the previous location of the Century Room, which held a majority of scheduled meetings for different organizations.First Floor of Santa Clarita City Hall. Ryan Rivera/ Canyons News

The family of Carl and the city were very pleased with the outcome of the room. His daughter

Denise Boyer also had some comments to make about her father. 

“The work he did for the city was a huge part of who he was, but it wasn’t all of who he was and creating the Sister Cities Program and the international program were really what he wanted to do. He wanted to reach out to the world,” said Denise Boyer.

Many of Carl’s friends and family said he made an impact on everyone he got to meet.

Artwork donated by the Sister Cities Program inside the Carl Boyer Room. Ryan Rivera/Canyons News

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