The Santa Clarita City Council met on Wednesday night to discuss construction plan updates in the Old Town Newhall that have been going on since 2005. 

Hai Nguyen, Associate Planner, proposes a public outreach program in the downtown Newhall area that benefits the community to provide housing, preserving historic themes and culture for Santa Clartia. Nguyen seeks recommendation and approval from the city council by adapting No. P22-01 plan 

With little to no comment from the board, the council proceeded with the plan that will be run through Patrick Leclair, Senior Planner, who will oversee the project and a series of proposals to continue in the upcoming meetings from April to June. 

The 2022 Old Town Newhall Specific Plan (OTNSP) Project is set to be completed this year after 2 decades of planning. 

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