By: Katherine Brook

Toning the technical skill of players and, more importantly, their character. Coach Ellen’s genuine connection with each raises her team up while fueling another goal.

“I want them to love the game. But I also want them to take the lessons from the game and be able to apply it to real life.” Said Coach Ellen

This journey of shaping the people behind the athlete started long before when she, like many of her players today, competed for Saugus High School and later for the Pomona Pitzer team, where she found her love for teaching others.

“So when I was at college, I actually coached a little kids’ team with my friend. And then when I came back and started teaching, I wanted to coach because I wanted to be part of the game.” Said Coach Lundin.

And be a part of the game she has there her career. Ellen took on the title of head coach at her alma mater, and today, she is focused on the COC women’s soccer program and her club teams. One of which she coaches with COC Head Coach Justin London

” She’s able to shift gears based on the developmental needs of the players if it goes from college to, you know, where these girls are freshmen in high school,” said Coach Lundin

Whether a youth athlete on one of the coaches’ Legends club teams or a college recruit for COC’s undefeated conference women’s soccer program, the power of her involvement is easy to see.

“I turned around, and she and two other freshmen in high school were doing handstands, and Coach Ellen’s actually doing a headstand and teaching these young girls how to do that,” said Coach Lundin. “So you know she’s able to connect with them in that role but also comes down to be on their level and connect with them in that way,” said Coach Lundin.

Deeply rooted. This mission is Coach Ellen’s way of thanking those who supported her.

“I just hope I can pay that forward,” said Coach Ellen.”Through athletics, you can do that right, and you can hopefully make some kind of positive impact in your life.”

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