COC Book Club the “Shelfish Ones” just held their first poetry event to celebrate national poetry month. Students are encouraged to share their favorite poems and the poems they wrote. It is an opportunity for students to share their interest in books and poetries. The event was located in the Art Gallery. The book club is accepting book donations of book that fit a college audience.

Book Club member Cait Malilay said, “The Poetry Slam is to encourage more expression through literature, and what I would love for students to take out of it is to show that it is a safe place to express yourself through poetry.”

The book club believes that literature is the best and original form of communication.

The purpose of the “Shelfish Ones” is to get students engaged with reading again. Many students are too busy with school and this is a good opportunity to take their minds off of school and all the stress and get engaged with books.

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