A recording artist, an after-school program coach, and a COC student, are just three of the many personalities Maka Taufahema holds.

At 20 years old, Maka has brought his skills of singing to life with his big break of opening up for rapper and recording artist, Blueface.

Maka explains that his love for singing started when he was a child.

Maka recording in the booth for his next song.

Singing in choirs and at his high school, he’s grown up to chase his dream of becoming a household name.

For now, he’s balancing the three sides of himself to help him get where he wants to be.

Inspired by his high school counselor, Maka decided on majoring in fire technology here at College of the Canyons.

With hopes of becoming a firefighter, Maka has learned to incorporate both his studies, and his music into his life.

“I’m really thinking of it as my primary,” Maka explains, “I’m still pushing towards it more than music just music is coming a little faster.”

When he’s not in and out of the TLC, a lot of his time is occupied by his local elementary school children as an after-school program coach.

“That’s like another identity as well, I can’t really be showing my music side around the kids because I have to set that example for them,” he says.

After high school, he made music a priority and did everything he could to get himself there.

Blueface’s people had hit up one of the homies who is kind of like my manager and while I was at work they said ‘Do you want to open up for Blueface?” Maka shares, “When we saw each other again in Santa Barbara it was kinda crazy just because I know how far he’s gotten but then he saw how far I’m getting.”

With hope comes hesitation. For Maka, he is his own biggest critic but he trusts that his music will be adored worldwide.

A lot of people will doubt you, a lot of people will support you, if you’re not your biggest supporter yourself then you really won’t get far,” he tells us.


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