Samantha Raskin, a Santa Clarita resident, student, actor, and freelance princess performer, wanted to give kids the Disney-like opportunity to meet with a princess from a safe distance. 

“I really just wanted to do something special for my neighbors and things are so scary right now. I work as a princess party performer outside of this so that’s what I do, ” Raskin said. “And we’ve been doing some video calls and that sort of thing and sending messages to kids and it’s just really important to me to spread a little joy and do what I can.”

There were over a hundred cars with excited children waiting to meet Rapunzel, the princess from the Disney film, “Tangled.”

Raskin stood outside for hours greeting the kids and felt good about her performance and her day.

“I was exhausted when it was over but so fulfilled. I mean I’m not doing the work of an essential worker but just doing anything I can to spread joy right now is so fulfilling…and I figure while I’m doing nothing with my day, I might as well try to bring some smiles to some kids.”

Raskin won’t be putting the long blonde wig on for now as she believes it’s best for everybody to stay indoors.

“I think in order to create more magical experiences, we all have to do our part and social distance…” 

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