The age-old practice of switching the clock forward or backward is being closely reviewed by the House of Representatives and will either stay in motion or become extinct.

 “The Sunshine Protection Act” introduced by US Senator Marco Rubio, if passed, will put an end to the time change. Which is formally known as daylight saving time (DST).

Photo by Sabrina Alvarez ( The Sunshine Protection Act introduced by U.S Senator Marco Rubio has now made its way to the House of Representatives, 

The bill would essentially allow Americans to keep one permanent overall time. Studies have linked Daylight Saving time to a spike in deadly events occurring as a result of the time change.

Car accidents see a tremendous rise throughout this time 6% to be exact according to a Fatality Analysis Report System published in Current Biology. This is a cause for concern as DST is also linked to other deadly events. 

“It’s not normal to have to go about your day with five red bulls in order to survive,” Glendale Community College counselor Sarahi Gallagher said regarding the rise in heart attacks.

Heart attacks see a 24% increase following the “spring forward,” reports the New York Post based on a Michigan Study. It can be assumed this is a direct result of a disruption in the circadian rhythm or other factors such as over caffeination and exertion. 

DST was originally intended for the purpose of making better use of daylight. However, over time the public grew weary of the consequences associated with the leap in time. 

“Please do it, if anybody has any type of control over that, remove it, it’s unnecessary” asserted Sarahi.

Petitions filed on websites such as have allowed for Daylight Saving to regain its position as the most rebuked policy. Some reaching hundreds of thousands of signatures. It’s clear the public preference is in favor of its removal. 

The significant societal changes are apparent enough to make Daylight Saving a grand talking point. Social media hashtags such as #DaylightSavingTime have been a major contributor to the collective community which now views its removal as near necessary. 

The Senate voted and the Bill unanimously passed. To the surprise of many this was not objected to and no pushback was brought forward making it a swift deal for the Senate. 

Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House of Representatives recently stated that there is no comment from President Joe Biden, however she will be “reviewing it closely.” The final decision is said to take months. 

“Time is a social construct, so them making us turn the clock every which way is just another way of the government somehow making money off those extra sunlight hours, really all there is to it,” said College of the Canyons student and business major Victor Briseño. 

Time change removal although a favored decision is certainly not an easy one. The Biden administration has declined comment on their stance, all we have to do now is wait for the verdict.

In this matter, only time will tell. 

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