A discussion held by COC’s Institute of Ethics Law and Public Pollicy dove into the topics of mental health, post traumatic stress disorder, and the lasting effects of mass shootings.

While there, students and faculty were able to gather great insight about the correlation between mental health and gun control policies.

The meeting was hosted by COC faculty members, Kevin Anthony, Lisa Hooper, and Larry Schallert. The three speakers shared alarming statistics of gun-related deaths a well as personal experiences.

Schallert spoke in depth about the effects PTSD will have on not only the ones directly affected by a shooting, but by the survivor’s loved ones as well.

What’s known as “survivor’s guilt” takes an immense toll on that person.

“People in these states will often believe that they didn’t deserve to live,” said Schallert. He went on to also explain that survivors will try convince themselves that the shooting they were at, didn’t actually happen.

From this, mental health and suicidal behaviors was brought to attention. The signs of what to look for in people going through suicidal thoughts and actions was conferred between the presenters and audience. “Every problem is solvable,” said Anthony.

As a closing statement, Schallert encouraged students going through difficult times to seek the aid of the Student Health and Wellness Center on campus. Hooper, Anthony, and Schallert provided information on where students can reach out for help outside of school hours. Anybody in need of mental support is urged to text “COURAGE” to 74171 for guidance.

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