Former professional basketball player, Taylor Statham opened his new youth basketball league at Golden Valley High School.

The ribbon cutting was cut alongside the mayor of Santa Clarita, Laurene Weste.

Statham played basketball at Golden Valley years ago, and he has always promised himself that one day he will come back to where it all began for him one day.

Statham playing for the Golden Valley High School Basketball team – Photo courtesy of Taylor Statham

“I always made it a point that one day when I made it pro or when I made it out of college to throw camps and get all the other guys that played and really give back to the youth,” said Statham.

Statham (right) practicing with the G-League affiliate for the Los Angeles Lakers on October 31, 2018 – Photo courtesy of Taylor Statham.

Over the past couple of years, Statham has worked hard alongside Mayor Weste to finally make his goal a reality.

“It was so awesome that the mayor came out here and made the time to come meet our players and meet the parents and it really shows just how great of a community we have here in Santa Clarita,” said Statham.

Statham (middle left) receiving a city certificate from Mayor Weste at Golden Valley High School (middle right) on May 24, 2022 – Photo by Marc Monroy (

When Statham was growing up there were hardly any leagues that he could play in.

“I think we had just the city league and that was it when I was in the shoes of these kids,” said Statham

For parents, finding a league has been difficult for the past couple of years and the lack of variety left them feeling off with their kid’s future in the sport.

For Jenna Goodwin, a Santa Clarita basketball mom, she’s had to tell her son, a hardcore basketball player, that there aren’t any good leagues in town.

Goodwin made sure to appreciate Stathams commitment.

“We’ve been looking for a league but there hasn’t been a good one in town so we’re really excited that Taylor started this,” said Goodwin.

Stathams goal for the program is to have a 10-week program every year.

Statham (grey shirt) alongside his coaches and trainers (blue shirts) on May 24, 2022 – Photo by Marc Monroy (

Every time the 10 weeks get underway, Statham makes sure to acquire the best he can find to give back to the youth. Coaches and trainers who have played in college or professionally are the only people in Stathams mind.

“I want these coaches so I can give these players more-and-more-and-more,” said Statham.

One of the professional players dunking inside the Golden Valley High School gymnasium on May 24, 2022 – Photo by Marc Monroy (

And he’ll give the kids more-and-more by giving them leadership skills and even putting on a dunk show for them where former professionals would perform.

“To be able to spark the fire in these kids and be able to see what resources these kids have been given it really is amazing to see,” said Statham.

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