Golden Valley High School Vocal Arts has started a fundraiser for the 2020-2021 school year. All donations for the fundraiser will go towards the Vocal Arts program in order to help fund the necessities needed for the classes within the program.  

The fundraiser can be found on The purpose of this fundraiser is to provide a better experience for this season of virtual learning. 

The Vocals Arts program at Golden Valley has three different groups: the Voices, Vibes, and Voltage. Each group is dedicated to different levels of performing as well as different types of experiences for choir.

Voices is the biggest group among the three and explores the fundamentals of singing and musicianship, as well as choreography. Vibes is the school’s women’s choir, which creates a faster-paced environment in regards to music and performing. Voltage is also a fast-paced group where the expectations are high. The men and women in this group have experience in performing. Both the Vibes and Voltage groups both require an audition before entering the group. 

On Oct. 3, students from all three groups created a video expressing their gratitude and appreciation for the Vocal Arts program at Golden Valley. Each student shares their story on how choir has shaped their life and what they look forward to in the future. One of the students in the video talks about what the program means to her.

“I love show choir because it’s like a family, and everyone in it is so kind and so motivating,” she says. “It’s just feels reassuring to know that everyone has your back and everyone in show choir has your back, no matter who you are and where you came from. Everyone motivates each other and everyone supports each other.”

The video was uploaded to an Instagram page dedicated to events that happen in Santa Clarita, @whatsupscv. The video has more than 4,000 views on Instagram.

The students in the video also expressed how this fundraiser can help their program evolve into a better community for the students of Golden Valley. The video has also included incoming freshmen, who talk about the events they look forward to coming into high school. 

Just like all the other teachers at Golden Valley, Berean Haddad is overcoming the challenges of virtual learning.

Her students were given individual recording projects, that way her students can still make music, even though they are not in the room together. Even though it took time for everyone to adjust to their new learning environment, they were able to make the best of the situation.

“It’s opened up a lot of opportunities for students that may not have otherwise been interested in technology and how it relates to music,” Haddad said. “So the class has taken on a recording class, which is a lot of fun. The groups still have the feelings of unity, despite being in different locations.” 

The school’s choir has plans on having virtual concerts in the upcoming fall season, as this is usually their Broadway-themed concert. Haddad said that her students will be performing a medley of Lin Manuel Miranda’s “In The Heights.”

“Our advanced group will be performing a medley from “In The Heights, as well as various solo projects.”

The program will also have other Broadway-themed shows for the fall semester. 

The program shows appreciation for any kind of support, and is hopeful for a fun and successful season. A link to the donation page can be found below:

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