By: Natalie Dodds

A place where not only music calls home, but people do too. For one man, music is more than just enjoyment to our ears, but a fulfillment to our soul. 

Victor Torres Jr. explains, “It’s a great sound, I love that sound. I grew up listening to records, vinyls, and that cracking and popping, maybe a couple of skips here and there. For me, I think that’s very nostalgic.”

Victor has to thank his main inspiration for his love of vinyls…

“My dad, him playing his records on the record player, sitting me down with him and showing me the artwork, showing me what this sound makes, or what this does, the record players, the smell of it, so that’s what kind of attracted me to records, vinyls.”

His celebrity supporters like ‘SLASH’ from Guns N’ Roses, treat him well from wearing his shirts on stage to getting personal messages. But that’s not the only superstar, as Victor was basically one himself.

“We toured all over the states with this album when it was released…” Torres Jr. exclaimed, “Any He-Man Grayskull fanatics out there, this is where it came from.. Greg Priggers is an artist, he drew this for us and that is how we used Frankenstein!”

The community has been active supporters of Grayskull vinyl for about two years, and always remember what Victor Torres Jr. says,

“When you come in here we are all kind of like family, we are all in one idea… music.”

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