When College of the Canyons went on lockdown, all classes were moved to remote learning. Except, some classes were more difficult to transition to an online setting. 

Film and Screenwriting professor Ron Mita faced these challenges. 

However, Mita took this challenge as a good thing to make his class fun for his students during this time.

“My biggest fear for them was, well now they are gonna be stuck at home and a lot of professors are just gonna get on here and rant and talk,” said Mita, “and even I still have to do that lecture part, but my goal is to make it a lot more interesting.”

Mita decided to make his class feel like it was a TV show instead of a lecture. 

“So we are trying to build this class into like a TV show that you’ll tune in every week…As a student, I want you to look forward to coming to watch that show cause we are gonna do something fun or different,” Mita said.

By adding a commercial break every fifteen minutes during his class, it enhances the experience for Mita’s students that they are watching a TV show.

“Ron always comes up with different stuff to make it more entertaining and I really appreciate it,” Student Zhanna Honcharova said, “In our last class, he brought a puppet…as a second professor.”

Mita and the rest of his MEA colleagues will likely be online again in the Fall, so keep an eye out for his name when COC releases the Fall schedule later this summer.

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