By Sam Rabadi

Hart High School head football coach Rick Herrington has been on the sidelines since 1978. The football program has been a powerhouse in the Santa Clarita Valley ever since. Last April, Herrington had to be rushed to the UCLA hospital with heart issues that were deemed life-threatening.

“When you came in, I thought to myself, there is no way,” said Herrington. “I mean, and the other guy said yeah, we both we didn’t think you were going to make it. And I’m going I’m glad you were wrong,” said Herrington.

Herrington’s heart problems began when he had a triple bypass last November. With such a big surgery hanging over his head, Herrington, as anyone would be, was a little nervous.

“After they told me that I was going to need a new heart, you know, you worried a little bit going what can happen and stuff, but it sort of I never really thought of it that much. I felt pretty confident,” Herrington said.

The recovery from the bypass surgery was intense. Herrington was put into a coma for eight days and spent nearly two months in the hospital. With a new heart, Herrington has a newfound gratefulness for life.

“You got a new heart you don’t know when that’s going to last so you gotta, every day has to be great. You gotta try and make every day great,” said Herrington.

With the high school football season in full swing, you can find Rick Herrington leading the Hart Football team with his new heart.

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