Within these seats at College of the Canyons are students learning more about the creativity behind animation.

This weekend, COC held an International Animation Festival for students to view and
discuss multiple student-animated films. The two-day festival offered food, raffles for students, and open discussions with professionals within the animation industry. But for many students, it’s more than just a festival hosted by COC.

David Heredia – “They’re making it accessible to filmmakers that, you work on your films and then you get it showcased, it’s like a celebration of your work and your visions. “

David has used his visions for decades as an educator who creates and preserves culture within books and short films. The founder of Heroes of Color shares why this event is benefiting future storytellers.

David Heredia – “For me, I feel like it’s a way to sort of give back and offer some ups and some advice that maybe they have not heard or had not heard enough.”

While many of these storytellers are optimistic to someday be apart of bigger dreams,
COC looks to have a bigger group as well. We look to the future to see what College of the Canyons can continues to grow and draws larger audiences and motivate students.

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