The long-awaited return since 2019, due to COVID-19, for the KHTS Home and Garden Show was hosted in Santa Clarita at Central Park from April 30, 2022, through May 1, 2022. Local vendors were given the opportunity to network with potential customers and get their name’s out to the public.

Over 450 local vendors showed out by selling inside and outside home products to customers; however, vendors weren’t the only attraction there.

“In addition to the home and garden part of the show we have CHP, Red Cross and sheriffs for the emergency expo,” said Carl Goldman, owner of KHTS radio station and Home Show and Garden. “We also have a kid’s area with a big butterfly tent, where you can walk in, see hundreds of butterflies and feed them for free on a stick.”

Butterfly tent at the KHTS Home and Garden Show on April 30, 2022. Daniel Herrera/Canyons News

This event included farm animals, where customers were allowed to pet them and kids were able to ride the ponies. Food trucks were also available.

Children riding ponies at the KHTS Home and Garden Show on April 30, 2022. Daniel Herrera/Canyons News

Despite the show running for eleven years and having to be shut down for two years, there has been improvements in terms of vendors selling their products and the number of customers showing up for any reason they please.

“We have such a high turnout, sales are really well, a lot of exposure, great people have come to the show,” said Tony Burke, owner of Retractions. “There’s some very interesting buyers, they love the products.”

“Each year we seem to have more people and we of course do more sales which is great,” said Anna Chavez, co-owner of For the Love of Cacti. “We’ve seen a growth in the market every year.”

Sales are being made at For the Love of Cacti at the KHTS Home and Garden Show on April 30, 2022. Daniel Herrera/Canyons News

Although many of the same vendors are returning to every show, there have been a few changes since the last home and garden show, one of these changes being an easier way to find parking.

Customers were glad to have the home and garden show back to be able to spend some time with the family or make some improvements to their home. 

“We used to come every year and I don’t think they’ve had it for a couple years so we saw the signs for it and thought we should go around and check out some cool stuff,” said Andy Mccutcheon, a customer at the KHTS Home and Garden Show.

“I like the layout and everything this year, it’s been a couple years so I kind of can’t remember, I feel like it’s similar to what it was before,” said Mccutcheon. “I think it’s great to see people out, like local vendors, people in the community walking around and hanging out because it’s nice to kind of get back to normal again.”

Customers in tent one viewing and buying products at the KHTS Home and Garden Show on April 30, 2022. Daniel Herrera/Canyons News

Not only were vendors at this event looking to make a profit off of their products but they gave advice to those interested in becoming a vendor themselves.

“I would suggest that you get your presentation in order, know your product knowledge, have a decent display and get out to events like this and just get your product known to the public,” said Burke.

“Don’t be discouraged if you don’t do great the first year, keep coming back; it gets better every year,” said Chavez.

For those looking to attend a future KHTS Home and Garden Show or even sell a product, the next event will be held on April 30, 2023 through May 1, 2023 at Central Park.

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