While most theaters across the state remain closed because of COVID-19, the family-owned business of Laemmle theaters remains hopeful that their new location in Newhall will be open to the public, while having attendants follow safety protocols to prevent any potential spreading of the virus. 

“The Newhall location is largely ready to open.  We have a few small details to work out but we are moving on finishing those and getting all approvals,” said Greg Laemmle, president of Laemmle Theaters.

As of now, all Laemmle theater locations are temporarily closed, but the business is still hosting online screenings of new and old movies through their website. Film fans can still enjoy somewhat of a theater-going experience through the comfort and safety of their home. 

But when the new location in Newhall does eventually open, attendants are required to follow the #CinemaSafe protocol in order for them to go inside, such as wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing. 

The #CinemaSafe protocol was created by the National Association of Theater Owners in order to enforce safety regulations for numerous theater chains while the country is going through COVID. 

“We are confident that the public (by and large) understands that these practices are for the common good and will comply with requirements,” said Laemmle.

A date for the grand opening of the Laemmle theater in Newhall has yet to be announced.

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