An event held late in April hosted the character singer Donny Parvo on his “Load Ranger” tour through truck stops and street shows at the local American Legion Post. The show set to a Los Vegas performance combined rock and comedy as well as audience participation. The band has been together for 20 years with all the sarcasm and shenanigans growing with every year.

The night held a dinner for audience members and an opening act for them to enjoy and eat through then a grand entrance by Donny himself. Dinner and the show as well as a raffle ticket created funds for the legion to put towards improvements for the building. The show finished off with the raffle ticket winner being brought on stage and given a personalized piñata of Donny Parvo himself.

The American Legion Posts throughout the US are homes away from homes for some of our service men and women who can come to reminisce and honor the service as well as enjoy a drink and game with others. There is a well stocked bar and a kind smile waiting for whoever wants to wet their whistle and a set and ready billiard table waiting to play.

The American Legion Post 507 in Newhall isn’t just an incredible place and service for the members, it is also a historic site. Once being one of the original theaters in Santa Clarita its walls hold many stories and tales and with those age. Repairs and improvements are constantly being made to keep its image shining


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