Old Town Newhall is back celebrating its ninth year of Light Up Main Street for family and friends to enjoy this holiday season.

The festive event took place on November 19, and thousands of people came wearing warm clothing, lots of smiles and laughter all over the streets on the cold, windy night.

The event held multiple live bands, a Christmas tree lighting, food trucks, live snow, Santa Claus, and many interactions for event attendees to celebrate the holiday season.

People at Light Up Main Street. Jonathan Garcia/Canyons News

Unlike many, Elizabeth Goldmane is new to celebrating the yearly tradition.

“It is my first time at this event,” she said. “I actually recently moved into the apartment at the end of it so it’s actually really nice to have this year and it kind of just reminds me of how special it is to live on Main Street. And it just makes me more grateful for my community.”

Community is what lights up Newhall to continue this tradition yearly. Many attendees like Maria Guerra express how Christmas is more than just gift exchanging and putting up lights.

“The beginning of Christmas, the unity of the city, and the festivities for the kids so they have a nice holidays,” said Guerra.

Santa Claus driving his sleigh. Jonathan Garcia/Canyons News

The Christmas tree sits in front of the Newhall Library and is lit up every night throughout the holiday season. Along with all the other lights up and down Main Street for people to enjoy the lights every evening they visit Newhall. 

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