By: Stuart Karpel

It’s playtime for golden Retriever Logan at the Castaic Canine Camp in Santa Clarita. He’s just one of over 30 dogs. Linda Chisholm has rescued to live on her seven acre property.

“I was gal on me on the block that would always take all the little animals in and and steal cats and whatever else I could find,” Chisholm said. “So I’ve always been an avid animal lover. My dad was a contractor and he’d bring home tons of lizards. I had rabbits, geese, ducks, everything, even even there.”

At one point, Chisholm had so many animals, her neighbors were ready to turn her into animal control.

“I had a little too many dogs, and so my neighbor got a little upset with me, so I had looked for a year in different parts of Southern California to find a property that was conducive to this business,” Chisholm said.

Ever since Linda found the property, she’s been managing a dog hotel at her home, and after years of pandemic restriction, people are beginning to travel once again.So if you’re planning on traveling for the spring, you might want to book your pets ahead of time, Chisholm said.

“Holiday and vacation seasons are the busiest times of the year,” she said. “I have a limit with animal control regulation. And so I can only have so many dogs.”

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