A coconut sundae at POPS Artisanal Creamery San Fernando Valley. Photo courtesy Haley Sawyer
A coconut sundae at POPS Artisanal Creamery San Fernando Valley. Photo courtesy Haley Sawyer

POPS Artisanal Creamery was established in 2015 in San Fernando and Van Nuys and will soon have a location in the Santa Clarita Valley with ice cream flavored with organic, farm-fresh ingredients in early July.

A local business owner, Marthin Ken, is sprinkling his innovative ice cream flavors at this new location in Old Town Newhall. The unique shop will feature specialty menu items like coconut sundaes and ice cream nachos, as well as traditional daily-made waffle cones and floats.

At 29 years old, Ken created his ice cream shop that has original recipes with the help of his family. 

“It’s more of a wine tasting experience, but for ice cream,” Ken said. 

From six generations of ice cream makers, Ken creates his passion and his innovative mind for his success.

“Make a good product and keep it simple,” he said.

Owners of POPS Artisanal Creamery, from left, Damon, Kathy and Marthin Ken. Photo courtesy @popscreamery on Instagram

“A lot of what I do here is not exactly what my grandfather did, no one did. It is just me taking something that was already there and going to another level,” he said.

Ken, side-by-side with his younger brother Damon, wanted his 100% family-owned business to represent Santa Clarita with innovative family favorite flavors like Caribbean Peanut Fudge or Almond Avocado.

“All of our ice creams that are made from scratch contain exotic fruits,” Ken said. “When my great grandfather and my grandfather taught me to make ice cream, they didn’t have the resources to do what I can do.”

Newhall Crossing is the third location for POPS Artisanal Creamery. Photo courtesy @damonicy_ on Instagram

“We are so excited for our ice cream shop to come to Santa Clarita,” said Ken. “It is a perfect place to start in Newhall, and then grow into Valencia. Santa Clarita needs more mom and pop businesses because families are there.”

In addition to being a unique experience, the ice cream shop also offers a small coffee menu that uses ice cream to flavor their lattes. 

Old Town Newhall is becoming a new trendy place that brings in more people to explore all of the new shops and restaurants. With neighboring cafes and specialty foods, POPS Artisanal Creamery will be an additional encounter for Santa Clarita locals in Newhall.

With a growing interest in this new addition, Santa Clarita residents have started to follow them on social media for updates on their opening.

“I have never had it before, but I’m super excited to see what they have to offer, especially after checking out the ice cream flavors on their website,” Valencia resident Mouychen Notari said. “With the unique flavors, floats and sundaes and ice cream nachos, it all sounds delicious and I love that they’re only about 10 minutes from my house.”

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  1. Worst service ever. Only one guy on staff. The other hurt his hand cutting open a coconut. Takes about 30 minutes to get a scoop of ice cream if you are lucky.

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