Energy is what first-year Principle Robert Fisher is determined to bring to West Ranch High School’s campus every day.

“I get kind of hyped and excited about those things. Working with kids is supposed to be fun. And I try to make it as fun as possible,” said Fisher. “And the only way to do that is to be out there in the middle of things.”

Principal Fisher is using that same energy to build a community at West Ranch surrounded around the school motto of rigor, relevance, and relationships. 

“I see those three things are everything here at West Ranch. I mean, we talked about relationships, and from day one, when I walked on this campus, the West Ranch community was so welcoming,” Fisher recalls. “And that’s really, I mean, I’m talking about students too. You know, I know so many of our students. I know them by name. And that’s partly because they made it happen.”

On a hilltop on the western edge of the Santa Clarita Valley, Principal Robert Fisher’s enthusiasm for his work and connection with students and faculty set him above the rest. 

Students Ryann Fair and Inaya Harsolia recount their experiences with the amped-up Principle.

“Mr. Fisher has made the campus more lively. I think he’s interacted more with students on campus and rallies, which makes us more invested in his character. Just makes the campus brighter and happier and, like, more exciting to come,” said Fair.

“Just his, like, want to help people in all these different clubs and places around campus. I think that he is really interested in each individual student, and I think that makes a really good principal,” remarked Harsolia.

Fisher wants his impact to be felt throughout the school for years to come.

“And that’s really what this is about, it’s trying just to have that positive energy on campus that students can feel comfortable and proud of the school they go to. It’s incredible to be here. So I look forward to the future,” said Fisher.

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