By: Chris Casey

With guitars strumming and music in the air, that only means one thing. Rocktoberfest has come to Castaic. The event brings in amazing tribute bands, including rock and soul music fans from around Santa Clarita to hear them perform. KHUG FM’s Owner, Henry Urick, speaks his mind.

“It’s important to keep the music alive, not only on the air but live music. I went out and sought out the very best bands that provided tribute.”

This event is for the non-profit station, KHUG 97.5 FM, as it is ran by Urick himself. With his love for the music, he makes it a big event to share the love of rock and soul to other fans. Like Garry Goforth who has loved rock and soul music for all his life.

“The tribute bands were really good, I enjoyed their music. It’s a beautiful atomsphere here, being by here on the lake. Getting to see really good tribute bands is really nice.”

It has also brought attention to tribute bands like Gypsy Dream’s Bass Guitarist, Wil Roberts, whose beginning started with an observation.

“When I joined the band as the bass player, she looked at me and she (Lisa McCormick who plays Stevie Nicks in the tribute band) said “Hey, you kinda look like Lindsey Buckingham.. so do you play guitar?”. I said yes I can play guitar too, she said “let’s do a Fleetwood Mac tribute and put together a whole band.”

If you wish to support KHUG and local or popular artists for any future endeavors, you can listen to them at 97.5 FM or go to their social media to show your support. For Canyons News, I’m Christopher Casey.

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