By Natalie Dodds

With the sun rising, community members setup shop for a successful Swap meet Sunday. The parking lot fills as hundreds of vendors and shoppers come in to the Santa Clarita Swap meet. Since 1963, this has been home to the first outdoor market Santa Clarita. Merchants selling varieties of items from candy, clothes, and retro finds. But soon this will all be  coming to a close and some shoppers are extremely heartbroken about this.

With plans underway to shut down  the speedway, the idea is to turn this historic land into a residential development. For many vendors, this extra income can go a long way for it to be taken away from them.

JORGE MARTINEZ “Yeah, actually it does. I mean it’s helped out a lot. I mean it’s good for the city I guess, revenues and all that, taxes.But for us it’s nothing we could do.”

Indulge yourself in affordable antiques, collectibles, and other hidden treasures and find bargains for everyday necessities likes soap and socks. This is the place where you’ll find “everything under the sun” and it’s a great way to spend the day with your family and friends!

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