One of the many logos used for Santa Clarita located in Central Park on April 3, 2022 – Photo by Marc Monroy (

A sprinkle of happiness is felt throughout the air as Santa Clarita residents wake up with smiles on their faces.

The city, however, has had to battle many adversities along the way to get to where it is\now.

Throughout the course of the pandemic, many cities had to shut down many of their amenities, prompting people to stay locked inside. This left many people feeling off with their moods.

During the middle parts of the 2020 Covid-19 shutdown, the country as a whole saw an increase in anxiety. 

The stats, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in the middle parts and leading into the final stages of 2020 saw an increase from 31.4% to 36.9% of all adults, ages 18 and over feeling symptoms of an anxiety disorder.

Santa Clarita had different plans to ensure that they maintained that number as low as possible.

“During the past two years, which have been a challenge, the city has made it a priority to keep many of our amenities open and available to our residents like our parks,” said Carrie Lujan, the Santa Clarita communications manager.

Parks such as Central Park in Saugus have been offering hiking trails, scenes of beauty and much more for residents to enjoy since the year 2000. 

A hiking trail sign located on the outskirts of the park that indicates the start of the trail on April 3, 2022 – Photo by Marc Monroy ( 

There are many features to the park that have made people feel at home in Santa Clarita Whether it be from the clean roads or the manageable traffic,it beats the  hussle-and-bussle of other cities.

“There are many opportunities to get outside and enjoy the well-being of nature,” said Lujan.

Flowers (left) Softball field (right) on April 3, 2022 – Photo by Marc Monroy ( 

People leave cities everyday, but for people who leave Santa Clarita, it later ends up coming back to haunt them, so much so that it prompts them to come back.

Nathalie Casas, is a Santa Clarita resident, but this isn’t her first time having that title under name.

“I moved to Palmdale, but now I’m back, because I couldn’t live in Palmdale because of how much I missed Santa Clarita,” said Casas. “It’s so beautiful.”

Beauty, however, can’t be achieved without stellar law enforcement. The police in this city have made it a priority to make safe days at the park and in the downtown areas a priority. 

The crime rate in Santa Clarita is 56% lower than the national average, according to The city also earned an A+ plus ranking for safety as well.

Children playing in a playground at Central Park on April 3, 2022 –  Photo by Marc Monroy ( 

“When I decided to have a family I decided to come back because it really is such a nice place to raise a family and for kids to grow up,” said Adriana Fernandez-Clark, an SCV resident. 

Santa Clarita also has many award-winning schools around the area.

The city has 10% of the top ranked schools in all of California, according to

These schools have left Fernandez-Clark feeling secure about her child’s future and education.    

“There are so many award-winning schools here in Santa Clarita, that it was really a no-brainer for me and my husband to move here,” said Fernandez-Clark. “I also used to live here when I grew up, so coming back home was also another thing on my mind.

Fernandez-Clark (right) Husband and child (left) enjoying their time together as a family at Central Park on April 3, 2022 – Photo by Marc Monroy ( 

Fernandez-Clark (right) Husband and child (left) enjoying their time together as a family at Central Park on April 3, 2022 – Photo by Marc Monroy ( 

Santa Clarita seeks to keep building off of their success, and they hope to get an even higher ranking in the coming years.

“We have so many new plans set in place for this beautiful city, and I don’t see where else we go but up, ” said Lujan.

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