Who knew that Santa Clarita had its very own School of Rock? A spring show festival was hosted on Kansas St. by School of Rock on April 2, 2022. This event gave students the opportunity to perform and showcase their skills in front of a crowd.

School of Rock takes 17-year olds and younger under the wing of rocking out to different genres of music such as, classic, pop, or modern rock. 

“I think that my students did really well, we have students that are just total beginners, like this was their first show,” said Katie Farmer, School of Rock General Manager. “Getting up in front of people and a term that someone told me one time was just landing the plane, that’s a big deal.

Students performing at the School of Rock Spring show festival on April 2, 2022. Daniel Herrera/Canyons News

Preparation for the Spring show festival was not taken lightly as the students were looking to entertain with a well put performance. The process of preparation for performances starts off with brainstorming the theme that will take place the day of.

“We have the pop legends and we have the metal group and each season we want to do something that’s contrary to that so that our students are learning all kinds of music, they’re not doing the same thing over and over again,” said Farmer. “It’s kind of like a theater performance where we cache them to the songs, they each have their different parts that they’re going to learn and play together.”

Family members watching their young ones rock out on the main stage at School of Rock on April 2, 2022. Daniel Herrera/Canyons News

Parents and family members surrounded the different groups of kids that played during this event. According to a few students, this gave them more motivation to go out on stage and perform the way they did.

“I thought I was much more nervous than I should have been and it was really fun,” said Brandon Ragoneg, student and drummer at School of Rock. “Everyone did great with playing and staging it up.”

“Just go for it, because you might be very nervous at the start but once you get into it it’ll be better and it’s fun,” said Preston Haynes, student, singer, guitarist and keyboard player at School of Rock.

“I’m feeling very confident about the next upcoming show that will be at the end of the season,” said Audrey Martinez, student and drummer at School of Rock.

Many of the students who performed enjoy making music and believe that School of Rock has helped them find a strong passion. There were friendships and bonds created during their years of playing together.

Close up of the guitarist playing the guitar at the School of Rock Spring show festival on April 2, 2022. Daniel Herrera/Canyons News

School of Rock and its students look to showcase many future events. It is only a matter of time before these young rockstars gain more experience and become a better musical version of themselves.

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