High flying dunks, flashy passes and long range shots. It was all on display recently at the 2023 SCV all star event. This event was put on by local news outlet the signal in collaboration with SCV basketball royalty, Taylor Statham. 

Pictured: Taylor Statham

“Even when I played overseas, I’d be all over the world: Russia, Philippines, and I used to always think about coming back home and how I could make it better for the kids. Just open more doors for them and at an earlier age grow their love for basketball.” said Taylor Statham, A professional basketball player from our own Santa Clarita Valley.

Pictured: Laney Grider, Hart High-school Basketball

For the seniors participating in tonight’s event this is much more than a basketball game, this is the last chance they’re gonna get to play with their teammates they’ve grown up with.  “It was such a fun 4 years so I can’t look back on it and be sad because it was such a fun and happy time for me.” said Lany Grider, a player for Hart High-school

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