The SCV Jeep Meet is a place for jeep lovers all around to come and enjoy the holiday spirit. Guests had a chance to win prizes and trophies at the event, which took place in the Route 66 parking lot.

Following the Christmas spirit, the Fred Jordan Mission set up a station for guests to bring in presents for donations. Any present donated is given to children who may not be as fortunate to have gifts under their tree. Along with helping struggling families, the Fred Jordan Mission is donating gifts to people living on Skid Row as well.

“What we really thought, once that holiday season came that we knew that there were a lot of folks needing help out there and we turned to the kid’s side of things,” event organizer Louie Correa said. “Fred Jordan Mission does an annual toy drive every year, happens every year and we just help donate to that.”

The Jeep Meet has been in the community for a few months, and the event continues to grow. The SCV Jeep meet gets together on the third Friday of every month. The meet is open to all people

“It’s our monthly meet that we come over here with off-road vehicles, take a look at all the setups that everybody has from Landcruisers, to Jeeps to you name it,” Correa said. “Chevy, everything is welcome here at four-wheel drive, as long as it’s a four-wheel drive were good.”

The holiday season is a time to give back and be around those who care. The SCV Jeep Meet provides all of that and more for its guests.

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