Zoe Rex Self-Portrait / Photo Courtesy: zoerexmusic.com

Starting at the age of 15, Zoe Rex followed her passion with R&B and Alterations that grabbed the attention of listeners that led her to success – getting a venue at the Whiskey Whiskey a Go Go in Los Angeles at the start of the year. 

It started with her parents’ taste of music and then followed by Rex taking guitar lessons at a young age for one year till she stopped playing for a while.

During her freshman year, she was reintroduced to the guitar, which followed her first release song “Distance” in 2018.

 Since then, that drive for making music content sparked her calling to be a music artist.

Zoe Rex’s Guitar set displayed in her room. Marco Preciado/CanyonsNews

“I had this friend, Alyssa, and we were on Facetime and she saw my guitar…she was like ‘play me a song,’” said Rex. 

“So I learned like four chords and then she was like ‘write a song’… and I did that and I was like ‘I kinda like this.’ So I started looking up beats on YouTube… and then I would record them on my phone using Garageband, and I would have my headphones, listening to the beat and then start singing.” 

Since then, Rex was introduced to Davy Nathan where he helped her produce her first song “Distance” where it was recorded in a studio.

 The song cover features an image of Michelangelo’s Creation of Adam painting symbolizing that her first song was “the beginning of everything.”

Photo Courtesy: soundcloud.com/zoerex

Zoe was also a survivor of the Saugus High School shooting in 2019 and it was not an easy process for her to get over what happened. 

Having been the chemistry partner of the school shooter, she was left with scars that will never fully disappear.  

With the amount of therapy and recollection that Rex has to go through, she uses her talent as a creative outlet to express her emotions that eventually catches recognition on her Soundcloud platform. 

Her most popular song “Devil” has been played over 120,000 times that led up to her first big performance at the Whiskey a GoGo with the help of Music Producer Devan Leos. 

What makes her music effective for people is how it can relate to someone else as she reflects her past experiences whether it is from relationships, self-criticism, and loneliness translated into a rhythm and a beat.

 For that reason, Rex will never change the style of her music. 

Even with the music industry having the most competitive environment, she is not going to mask the person she is right now. 

“The way I want to approach [the music industry] is coming in being 100% myself and I’m not going to sell out,” said Rex. “You could give me a $20,000,000 check, but if you tell me to change my sound, I’m not going to do it.”

With Rex’s accomplishments, it was not done alone. 

Ray Uriostuegui, Rex’s girlfriend, showed her support by organizing and managing her venues where Uriostuegui herself has developed a passion for Rex’s music and with the community around it.

Zoe Rex works on her next single in the comfort of her room on a Sunday afternoon. Marco Preciado / Canyonsnews

“I go to her studio sessions a lot and it inspires in a way to bring everybody that I know together, that is an artist and a creator to kind of thrive together because I feel like people thrive in communities and ask each other questions and work together. And a lot of people benefit from it so it’s really cool,” said Ray Uriostuegui. 

With the success of Rex’s music, she plans on releasing her first music video featuring her song “self love” this summer. 

Rex has accomplished a lot with her style of music and her connectivity with her fans as she actively interacts with on social media, transpiring the admiration just like artists she looks up to like Erykah Badu, Kendrick Lamar, Shadai and Amy Winehouse. 

She believes in the humanitarian side of music which helps it connect people solely on its message and rhythm to make an impact on someone else.

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