By: Abby Blasberg

Beginning July 1, a state legislation bill comes into effect, forcing Santa Clarita Valley residents to begin recycling organics at home. Additionally, the swap to Burrtec Waste Industries as the city’s new commercial waste management will raise homeowners’ monthly services from $26 a month to $28.

City Councilwoman Laurene Weste feels just as frustrated with the mandate as many other SCV residents:

“This is absurd. And we know it. And we we don’t have a choice when it comes to state mandates.”

The city is working hard to ensure residents are prepared for the official start date in July. As they release How to videos to educate on the new disposal trash laws.

As expected, this new change is widely unpopular among residents. One community member pointed out on social media that everyone will have to use more bags. Several other residents voice concerns about the rodents, including Steve Petzold:

“I suggest joining with other cities to stay stuck fighting back against these Sacramento mandates that are not well thought through.”

Petzold continues, urging that SCV residents should be “demanding more from Sacramento until the city enacts change.”

In the coming months, residents should expect to be given new colored trash bins, a higher bill, and a separate organic waste disposal container.

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