Last week the Foothill League swim finals took place at the aquatic center. One swimmer from the Santa Clarita Valley was ready to dive into action. 

“For me personally I can’t get too serious, or else I’ll tighten up,” said Bella Fisco. “I tend to stay relaxed, and remember all the training that I’ve done to stay focused.”

Fisco swims for Saugus High School. She is an up-and-coming swimmer for her age. She is ranked 15th for recruiting for her class and swims for Rose Bowl Aquatics which is a club team based in Southern California. On the day of the meet she won the breaststroke with a time of 1:03:51 and the fly with a time of 54:48. Even after pulling this accomplishment off, she’s happy but not complacent.

Bella Fisco swimming the breaststroke, Thursday 032822 (Daniel Rios/Canyons News)

“I’m definitely excited, but I know what I need to work on now in practice,” said Fisco. “Next week is CIF so I will definitely improve in some areas.”

Swimming has been her passion for a while now. But if it weren’t for an injury when she was young she may have never found her love for swimming.

“When I was young I used to play soccer, but I got injured playing soccer. So I started to swim, I found the passion in swimming, and the motivation to improve everyday,” said Fisco.

Swimming in highschool and club can be very time consuming. That is why Fisco has chosen to focus more on club for the time being. She feels the training is more rigorous and what she needs. But she is still grateful for what the Saugus staff has done for her. 

“They’ve definitely been a support system allowing me to train with club,” said. “I appreciate that a lot because with their support I’m able to get better.” 

The hard work has paid off for Fisco. With her mentality of wanting to get better, day in and day out, has led to good opportunities for her. She recently has committed to Ohio State to continue swimming after highschool. The choice felt right for her. 

Bella Fisco warming up before prelim league finals, Tuesday 032622 (Daniel Rios/Canyons News)

“It’s super exciting the team atmosphere, the culture. It’s the perfect place for me, right when I stepped on campus I knew it was for me,” said Fisco. “Going into college I know I’m gonna progress, that’s why I chose the college. The coaches there I know they want what’s best for me.”

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