As we move closer to the warmer months of summer, it also means reptiles such as snakes are coming out of hibernation.

While these cold-blooded serpents do many things for the enviorment, such as controlling the rodent population, we must still be cautious when coming face to face with them. Often times, the snake will be more afraid of us than we are of them, but it’s important that we don’t provoke them in any way.

“The animal that you’re going to see in the Santa Clarita Valley is going to be the Southern Pacific Rattlesnake, gopher snakes, king snakes, and racers,” said Ranger Frank Hoffman.

When hiking, it’s essential that you wear pants, long socks, and shoes. Even if it is too hot, it’s strongly encouraged that you wear these clothing items, especially while walking through tall grass.

If you come in contact with these reptiles, make sure you don’t make the mistake of making it angry. Even if it means turning around on one of the trails, hikers should do so anyway to avoid getting bit. Additionally, any pets taken on hikes should be kept on short leashes.

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