As this wild weather continues to pour over the state, Santa Clarita residents are provided with some rare snow days. Some of our local mountain communities had to struggle to deal with this excessive snowfall. With spring here, California is very close to being clear of drought conditions. These past few weeks were filled with some intense historic rainfall and snow, and some residents in the more vulnerable weather communities nearby were having a difficult time due to the extreme conditions.

However, our mountain neighbors in Lake Arrowhead had way more to worry about than just the snow.

“I couldn’t flush my toilets or take showers,” said resident Megan Thomas. “The only door I could open and stand out on was my front door on just the landing, about a foot outdoors. I had to hire the kids next door for days to shovel.”

Just about 50 miles away, the popular Mountain High Resort was hit as well.

“We got over 11 feet of snow, and we ended up having to close down for 10 days as it was piled up across the entire parking lot,” said mountain crew member Marklew Andowski.

Governor Gavin Newsom proclaimed a state of emergency in multiple counties due to storms, and with a surge of warmer storms coming our way, officials and communities are worried about what is to come next.

With the support from officials and the community throughout the week’s scary conditions, everyone is hoping for everyone’s safety.     

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