There are over 60 clubs on campus, and while each them have different values and goals, all are equally important. The Animal Liberation Club is one of these, and it’s a perfect match for students looking to advocate for animal rights.

“The purpose of the club is to inform people on what animals go through, particularly factory farming. So, we wanna promote their liberation,” Nathan Rivas, the club’s president, said.

According to Rivas, 70 billion non-human animals are killed a year in factory farms.

“We wanna just inform people and we’ll trust that they’ll make the right decisions if we tell them the facts,” Rivas said.

A major obstacle that may prevent some from supporting the animal rights’ movement is the fact some remain unaware how pressing the issue is.

“I really think it’s important to bring awareness to animals and all the exploitation that they go through,” Jackson Schobert, a founding club member, said. “And I feel like it’s really important because a lot of people don’t know all that.”

The club’s primary goal is to educate others about just how significant the cause is. Rivas believes there’s only thing you need to have to start getting involved: compassion.

“Intrinsically, it’s a better state for humans to be liberated rather than exploited. So, in the same way that I want human beings to be liberated from…death and hunger, so too do I want for non-human animals.”

If you are interested in changing the way we treat animals one small step at a time, the Animal Liberation Club can be reached through their email posted on the ASG website.  

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