Good Work House community manager, Tara Kelly, embracing the love amongst these difficult times,

Despite strict orders of physical social distancing across the county, the Good Work House strives to rekindle the sense of connection amongst a community.

The Good Work House was founded in June of 2019 by Jesse Engle. Its mission – connect thousands upon thousands of people while also providing aid to the community. 

With COVID-19 causing a screeching halt to a majority of the events the group had planned, the Good Work House would not let this stop them in their journey.

“With everything going on we had to decide what to do with the future of the house as we no longer could physically meet so we decided to take all of our events virtual and continue to grow our community worldwide with the focus of connection,” said creative and builder team member Donovan Beck. 

Currently, the Good Work House has hosted over 30 different virtual events in the last six weeks. 

One of the several new events it decided to host was an open Zoom call in collaboration with Frontline Foods to raise money for the organization.

Frontline Foods is a nonprofit organization that supports healthcare workers with healthy meals from local kitchens. 

“We had never seen a(n) organization scale at the momentum that Frontline did and with our community being so connected with the Venice and LA community of restaurants and entrepreneurs, we knew we could cultivate that and bring the community as a whole together for a good cause, that in being Frontline Foods,” said Beck.

Throughout the event, the Good Work House had participants dancing in their rooms, focusing on deep breathing, and throwing up hearts while dancing to “We’re all in this together.”

All of this to prove that we are not alone in these hard times.

Over the three hour Zoom call, over 110 people tuned in and $7,000 was raised in donations, equivalent to 520 meals served to medical staff and seven large ICU/ER facilities.

Even though the Zoom call is over, the Good Work House is still accepting donations here.

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