By: Jonathon Garcia

While the weather may be affecting southern California residents, multiple teams at College of the Canyons, including the Softball team, are facing adversity.  

Santa Clarita has been dealing with different weather conditions these past few weeks from rain to snow, to high wind advisories that have been troubling the team’s playing time.

“Everybody in the state is battling the weather issues right now and it is difficult to  keep the kids motivated and have things to do inside,” COC softball coach John Wissmath said. “You’ve gotta share space with the baseball team, the soccer team needs to come in. Sometimes you’ve got volleyball.”

Time is of the essence for these athletes, on and off the field, with demanding schedules to  keep up with practices.  

While weather conditions almost never cancel practice, the delay in scheduled games strikes out the team. 

“I mean it’s nice to get back out there,” coach John Wissmath said. “You kind of think about, OK shoot, if this game gets rained out where we’re going to play? How are we going to make this happen? Are we going to have to play a doubleheader now in our conference play and then turn around play another doubleheader, back-to-back?”

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