Sign of Trans Alliance event on 2/23/22. (Photograph by Chris Daniel Herrera)

A voice to the voiceless is what occurred on Feb. 23. The Trans Alliance hosted an event in the student atrium at the College of the Canyons Campus. Attendees had the opportunity to customize a personalized pronoun pin. Despite this being the first event that was hosted by the Trans Alliance, all seemed to go as planned.

“We have so many students who are on a gender journey,” said Erin Delaney, leader of the Trans Alliance. “Being able to have these conversations together is really important and it could be just something as simple as being able to wear a pin you made yourself.” 

This alone showed that events like this can make those who feel like they don’t fit in more comfortable with themselves. 

Many members took part in putting this event together. While each individual has their own reason for being a part of this event, one thing they all have in common is they care about the community. The members had a goal of raising awareness and creating new bonds.

Group members of Trans Alliance and participants designing their pronoun pins on 2/23/22. (Photograph by Chris Daniel Herrera)

“I came to the event to help people make pins and to make friends while enjoying the community,” said Sam, member of the Trans Alliance.

Trying something, such as an event like the Trans Alliance event, can end up turning out to have a positive outcome to your life or someone you happen to be close to.

Students who attended the event to create their own pronoun pins claimed that they had a good time and can relate in some way to what they were taking part of. 

“It’s a community that I identify with and I have a lot of friends that also identify with any part of the LGBTQ+ flag, so once I walked in, I saw it and I was like oh cool there’s an event going on and I immediately just ran over to the table to create my own pronoun pin,” said Anjoon, a student who participated in making their own pronoun pin at the Trans Alliance event.

Layout of Trans Alliance pins on 2/23/22. (Photograph by Chris Daniel Herrera)

“It’s your gender your way,” said Delaney. “Even me making my pin I knew that this was my gender my way, so the students were having the opportunity to do that today too.”

The Trans Alliance showed that something that seems so small, even a pin, can be as strong as a voice. The group members were very proud of how the event turned out to be and plan on having more events like this in the near future.

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