“Our world is filled with codes, subliminal messages from Silver Lake to the Hollywood Hills,” Unnamed comic man says to Sam, our main character while he is trying to discover the mysteries of recent conspiracy events like the ‘dog killer.’

Under the Silver Lake is a crazy, richly planned out, reference filled love letter to Los Angeles. In the beginning of the film we are met with graffiti bewaring our main character, Sam to “beware the dog killer.” Which we quickly realize is not the only conspiracy that we will be exploring and not seeing solved.

David Robert Mitchell’s third feature follows Sam played by Andrew Garfield. Sam seems like a slacker but it’s because he isn’t into the ordinary. He is intelligent but he uses his intelligence in ‘unconventional’ ways like finding ways to solve pop culture conspiracy theories.

One of Sam’s curiosities leads him to his new neighbor, Sarah’s apartment. He quickly develops feelings for her and when she mysteriously disappears with everything in the apartment, it’s clear to him that it’s a conspiracy. He needs to solve it.

Taking drugs, sleeping on graves, and meeting with the “homeless king” is three of the many things Sam does to try to solve her disappearance. When he finally solves it, he has gotten in too deep.

Courtesy of A24

It’s not a clean cut ending, it’s left up to interpretation. Will Sam survive?

Garfield’s Sam is surrounded by “L.A. weirdos.” The ensemble cast including Topher Grace, Jimmi Simpson and Riley Keough make the film’s aesthetic with their characters. Jesus and the brides of Dracula… best band name ever.

This L.A noir dramedy was something I didn’t expect. I have been waiting for this movie for a while since watching It Follows and being one of the biggest Andrew Garfield fans ever.

Silver Lake’s trailer left plenty to the imagination like a good trailer should but it’s full length feature did the same thing. I believe an audience should have some range on what they believed happened in a film but to me, Mitchell let almost everything up to interpretation.

I did however besides the fact, like the film and all of the Spider-Man memorabilia.

Courtesy of A24

Under the Silver Lake is out on digital now!

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