Lot 7 of the Valencia Campus has recently been transformed into a parking structure with over a thousand parking spaces for students and faculty.

Concerns for safety of individuals and their parked cars in the structure shine light on what security measures the school has in place.

“We have campus safety officers on duty,” said Eric Harnish, COC Vice President Public information.  “As well as cameras in the parking structure.”

Security cameras are placed on the first and second story of the structure while the third story is left without surveillance.

Most stair wells and entrances are monitored by the 41 security cameras that are operating around the clock.

The cameras have the ability to scan and change the subject they are focused on giving a broader surveillance of the parking structure.

Campus Safety has officers on duty all hours of operation and on call by radio through dialing the campus switch board, said Harnish.

Parking lots across campus stand without surveillance cameras while few are found on campus primarily found near security areas.

“The college is always looking to build and improve on its security, trying to make  students and faculty feel as safe as they can on campus”, said Harnish.

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