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Alzheimer’s Association’s Walk to End Alzheimer’s. It’s a fundraiser with the intention of using the money they raise to support those suffering with Alzheimers, and to fund research toward methods of prevention, treatment and, maybe one day, even a cure to the disease.

Kristi Eckard ,Chair of the planning committee for the Walk to End
Alzheimer’s said “Their goal, obviously, is to find a cure or to continue finding medications that will help slow the process of Alzheimer’s or other dementias. So our goal is to help raise those monies, raise awareness, specifically for the Santa Clarita Valley, we have three or four support groups that
are local.”

Before the walk, the event consisted of a ceremony, in which the association announced they reached their fundraising goal of a whopping $150,000. They also took the time to honor those who have been lost to Alzheimers, with many raising flowers that represented loved ones through the moment of silence.Soon after, participants began their walk, which was two miles long around the park. Each one with their own story to tell about their connection to Alzheimers and other dementias. Walkers aren’t the only ones with a personal connection to the cause. Many volunteers and staff of the Alzheimer’s Association have their own stories as well.

“my great aunt suffered from Alzheimer’s and passed away about 12 years ago. And so it touched my family very personally. But it’s also one of those things that these are types of diseases and illnesses that can be cured with the right research and development.” said atende Brian Koegle

Despite Brian’s personal loss, he stays both optimistic and determined to help those who have Alzheimers and their caretakers as well. While the cure has yet to be found, he tells those that are struggling to never give up hope.

“Keep fighting. Keep fighting every single day, we are getting so close to being able to find a cure, but also to extend your quality of life and just stay strong. We know how difficult this battle is. But we’ve got your back and we’re out here every single day working tirelessly.” said Brian Koegle

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