No one likes the feeling of not being able to stay awake and being forced to energize off caffeine or craving something fresh and not being able to get it.

Coffee Kiosk (left) and Subway (right) closed at the Cougar Café on 033022. Daniel Herrera/Canyons News

If you are a student attending College of the Canyons or a staff member, you may be wondering what happened to the Subway and Coffee Kiosk in the cafeteria. These two services shut down in March of 2020 when the school switched to remote learning due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The return date of the Coffee Kiosk and Subway are unknown at this moment, however there is a possibility that these two businesses could be making a return.

“A lot of it depends on how many students are on campus, they count on a lot of foot traffic to stay in business,” said Eric Harnish, COC public information officer. “Locations are not operated by the college; they’re operated by outside vendors who are on contract with the college.”

The absence of these two businesses has caused a decrease in visits to the cafeteria and the lines to grab food were shortened. After all, Subway is considered to be a popular destination amongst students.

Subway sign at the Cougar Café on 033022. Daniel Herrera/Canyons News

Many students attending COC are in favor of the idea of these two options making their return to the cafeteria.

“I would love to see the return of these two services, especially the Coffee Kiosk because I really like that one,” said Vanessa Godinez, a student attending COC. “It was just a cute area to be around and a good location.”

Coffee Kiosk counter with cups and other supplies on 033022. Daniel Herrera/Canyons News

“I find it inconvenient because everyone comes to the café to eat and having two places that are closed gives students less variety,” said Makaina Pennay, COC student. “Having more options to choose from at lunch would be a lot easier.”

Full view of Cougar Café on 033022. Daniel Herrera/Canyons News

It is not a matter of if, but a matter of when foot traffic increases. Only then will the reopening of Subway and the Coffee Kiosk in the Cougar Café be a possibility.

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